The most expensive video game gun is a Counter-Strike skin that sold for $400,000.

Counter-Strike 2 has been announced and is currently in a limited beta. The game is set to launch this summer, and there is important news for those who already play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All weapon skins from CS:GO will be transferable in the new game. The skins market in CS:GO has significantly contributed to the game’s popularity, with even ordinary skins increasing in value after the CS2 announcement. This phenomenon of expensive rare skins has been ongoing for a long time.

Did you know that the most expensive gun in CS:GO and possibly in video game history is an AK-47 skin? This skin is a StatTrak Tier 1 Case Hardened AK-47 with a Blue Gem pattern, precisely pattern 661, which is the bluest version of it. Additionally, this gun has four Katowice 2014 Titan Holo stickers, each worth around $60,000. Finally, the weapon is in minimal wear condition, the second-best condition possible. Although a factory-new version of this item does not yet exist, it could be unboxed.

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